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Method 10: Using Ktool. zip. img is not enough. On the next screen, it will ask for confirmation. How to restore EFS and IMEI partitions on Galaxy Note 9. Download and install Android ADB Driver on your computer. But after reading it's probably a good idea. May 09, 2016 · solution samsung note3 n900 imei null/null ALL EFS FILES FOR SAMSUNG FREE DOWNLOAD . img) and Compressed TAR Archive (*. DownloadAPKPC. i have been without a phone for almost 2wks now. B) Restoring IMEI/EFS partition on Galaxy S7. 6-> Open Partitions Backup & Restore in the corrupted device and click 3 Dot Menu in the top-right corner and select the Restore a Partition option and browse the file . How to Run EFS☆IMEI☆Backup Apk for PC,Laptop,Windows 7/8/10/XP. com helps you to install any apps or games available on Google Play Store. If you update using the updater app/OTA you don't have to worry about IMEI The EFS mention to a destination folder called EFS which can store information like meid, IMEI, serial number, config, diag settings, and radio settings, etc in an encrypted format at the file system level stores. Jan 14, 2014 · Backup Your EFS Partition with Easy to Use App. backup-efs-on-samsung-galaxy Finally, click on “Backup” and your EFS data will be backed up to your phone and the PC both. 0+ and up. 6. Now download the file on your PC, unzip it and install. Download Samsung EFS IMEI backup app. 0 on your PC. Click “Download Emulator” to download. e. Backup / Restore EFS Data using EFS Professional Tool – Guide A quick guide to help you on how to backup and restore EFS data in Android using EFS Professional Tool Earlier I posted what is EFS Data or EFS Partition or EFS folder is and also how it plays crucial role in our device’s connectivity and what happens if it is corrupted or damaged. On a handful of devices, you may also find a Vendor and Vendor Image backup option. bak" then it's possible to RESTORE [ if NONE THEN LEAVE THIS PROCEDURE ] 06 = now, you still need to backup nv_data. Download the EFS Restorer Express. Now i have to use 2 mobiles for different simcards. The "fsg" and "backup" block devices now contain your IMEI information as they should have in the first place Rebooted, backed up my IMEI and booted back. So it is very necessary for us to backup EFS before flashing ROMs. nv_data " file to your EFS folder at the root of your phone using root explorer, NOTE: the dot in first of nv_data is not a mistake, copy the ". FIN. It's easy to download and install to your mobile phone. ; Now, enable USB Debugging on your Android Device. Advertisement How to backup IMEI and NVRAM on Redmi 4X (santoni) Let’s start by connecting our Redmi 4X device to PC via USB cable. This application let you save a backup of your EFS (IMEI) partition (if exists) on any device running Android 3+, this help you to keep your IMEI safe from getting corrupted after any bad Rom flashing issues, this is a common issue with Samsung devices, if somehow you lost your IMEI, you won't be able to get registered and connected to any Click on “Backup” tab and then click on “Device Filter” dropdown and select your phone model. img partitions. 5-> Now Copy the EFS file to corrupted baseband device to restore and repair s7 baseband. Nov 20, 2012 · Backup/Restore EFS data of Samsung GN2, to Fix IMEI and SIM not detecting issues What the hell is this EFS ? EFS partition is actually a internal place in our android device such as android phone which contains some important and some basic info related to our device identity like Wi-Fi address, Bluetooth MAC address and the very main IMEI repair imei g920i Samsung s6 after null imei 3500000 binary rev 3 1 . The thing is that this format does not suitable for changing or replacing IMEI code, changing MAC address or Bluetooth. Open the app and you will see three options to choose. xda-developers Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III Verizon Galaxy S III Android Development [HOWTO]Comprehensive IMEI/EFS Backup by WildZontar XDA Developers was founded by developers, for developers. Here are some apps to backup and restore EFS folder. Open “Phone” application, call *#*#13491#*#*, tap […] Oct 25, 2015 · EFS data corruption and IMEI loss. sir my samsung s4 i9505 imei . zip) and install it. Step 5: It will be saved in a while. All you need a little application called Mi4i Toolkit, connect your phone to your PC, run it and just select backup or restore options. Requirements : Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note9 Exynos (SM-N960F/FD/N)WITHOUT ROOT ACCESS THIS APP WON'T WORK. I do not have any backups! I didn't make any backups of /efs (sorry!), will do that when I have this problem fixed and backup it on all my computers. (it will not change the IMEI) Just write Security and EFS Backup from a good S5 and enjoy it IF the original source data is encypted by another s/f - MS EFS, backup Exec will just read those data as it and willl write it onto the tape without decrypting it. bin Written by Atul Published on February 4, 2012 in Technology As we all know that /efs folder keeps the sensitive and secret information of your phone such as IMEI Number and product code (which are stored in the encrypted form in nv_data. Nós provemos EFS ☆ IMEI ☆ backup 1. Finally! You’ve successfully backed up and restored EFS / IMEI using Mobile Uncle App. Apr 01, 2016 · A complete IMEI/EFS Backup and Restore solution for (almost) ALL Samsung devices. If this method does not work, try this: How to Fix Samsung Galaxy unknown baseband version. Now Connect your Samsung Phone or Tablet to PC via the USB Cable. Requires root. So i you accidentally delete or lose this folder, you won’t be able to make phone calls because IMEI number is missing therefore it is important to backup the EFS folder. Efs partition contains: IMEI number, Mac address of Wireless devices, important files of internet and product code etc. tar Best Custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005 Here is our hand-picked list of some of the best custom ROMs for Galaxy Note 3 SM-N9005. Choose a method in order to restore the EFS via Odin. To enable USB debugging: Open Settings > About Phone > Built Number (Tap on it for 5-8 times). Cara Backup IMEI / Partisi EFS Tanpa PC. Aug 12, 2016 · The EFS folder contains important information about your phone’s connectivity details and IMEI number. Now, moving onto the next part, we’ll learn how to restore these backups. The solution is easy to deploy and provides automated backups for data recovery and protection. 1 июля, 2013. 0. I highly suggest everyone do this if they plan to flash ROMs. backup imei/efs/nvram file before installing twrp Hello guys, so now my mi4c is unlocked bootloader i want to backup first imei/nvram/efs partition before start to flashing twrp, since on my device before my imei gone after flashing twrp already restore from twrp backup/qpst tool/fastboot rom flash but still nothing work. i got this customer who wiped the efs trying to unlock it himself and the phone cant grab anny signal. Open the efs folder and use the multi-select copy to copy the following files: nv_data. If you own a Samsung device, you have undoubtedly heard of the EFS partition. It may be possible to do this even faster. The QCN file is the result of scanning the File System (EFS) Encryption partition which contains encrypted information such as IMEI, MEID, Serial Number, Configuration, Radio Settings and Settings, etc. 2. We have listed the Top 3 Restaurar la Copia de Seguridad de la carpeta EFS IMEI con la misma aplicación. I lost my phone. Note you need to have Android installed. StackExchange. This app should work with almost ALL Samsung devices -- including new Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge, S6 Edge Plus and all Note5 variants, Note 4, Note 3, Note 2, S5, S4, S3, etc Prerequisite: SAMSUNG device + ROOT permission. 02. NET Framework 4. Aug 09, 2016 · You will have your EFS files in the “Partitions Backup” folder located in your internet storage. In this guide you can learn to backup EFS partition without toolkit or unofficial Twrp Recovery. Iremos al directorio donde hemos guardado la Copia de Seguridad de la carpeta EFS y hacemos «Copy» y luego «Paste» para copiar la carpeta pero eligiendo la raíz de la memoria del sistema. Kind regards lanz Aug 30, 2013 · 4. Now the backup folder is saved on your phone SD card, run any file explorer application on your device and move the Folder to some safe place or save it on your desktop. 4. 1. Samsung EFS IMEI Backup app works on all rooted Samsung devices running Android 3. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) on Android devices is a unique number which helps you track and black list lost devices, even without any SIM card. We provide EFS☆IMEI☆Backup 1. May 31, 2014 · General :: How To Extract IMEI Number From Backup Of EFS Partition Files Jan 8, 2014. It contains important data like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth MAC address and IMEI (nv_data. That’s all! You have successfully backed up EFS & IMEI on you Samsung Galaxy Device. Now all that is done, time for to back it up. This application let you save a backup of your EFS (IMEI) partition (if exists) on any device running Android 3+, this help you to keep your IMEI safe from getting corrupted after any bad Rom flashing issues, this is a common issue with Samsung devices, if somehow you lost your IMEI, you won't be able to get registered and connected to any I was passing 3 files, an efs backup, a dm verific and a qcn. bak). EFS Folder. Open up the dialer and enter – *#06# to check your IMEI number, if you see “IMEI Null or 000000 ”, you need to reconfigure the settings to fix the no signal or not registered on network problem on your Android phone. How to restore EFS / IMEI: It is similar to backup process just select the Restore option and then select the saved backup file. So follow up the below steps to proceed. And my Sim Card is not detected. Step 4. i tried flashing the g925t efs and its a no go. ¿Why should I do a backup of EFS folder? If you are a Custom ROM lover, this is a mandatory step, because the EFS folder contains unique and very important information, that allows your device to connect to a mobile network, because it contains your IMEI (a unique number given to every single mobile phone) you can lose that information when you are flashing your cel phone, so here you'll Sep 17, 2013 · In this way, the EFS or IMEI loss is deeply related with what you do after rooting your Samsung Galaxy device. It is small utility to backup/Restore EFS for Smamsung Apr 27, 2020 · EFS Files. Type “Y” for yes. Как потом правильно заливать EFS модема из нового в старый, чтобы оживить старый? по крайней мере те мои "обезличенные" бекапы EFS2 и BACKUP  29 May 2015 Wanam's EFS backup app is called EFS IMEI Backup, and it's available for free on the Google Play Store. Download and Install Android Emulator on PC. Select the format you want to backup the EFS partition to be made in. Backing up this folder is one of the essential steps to do before trying to update to official stock firmware or custom firmware to avoid from the common problem of getting. As it contains sensitive information of your phone. If you haven’t, let me explain. tar and . Update 2 Apr 14. I've flashed the MG9 modem after I fixed my phone with flashbox then my imei change back to original one but still have problem of not registered on network so I have to flash another modem and restore my efs backup of another imei that I got from the flashboxhave to change modem from MG9 first because when I try to restore the efs backup of How to Backup & Restore EFS [IMEI] for All Samsung Galaxy S4 Variant Posted By MrW0lf 10:37 14 Galaxy S4 , Tips , Tutorial IMEI is a unique identification number programmed onto your device and you can check the unique IMEI of your device by dialing *#06# or written on sticker under the battery. , GSM, UMTS and LTE) and iDEN mobile phones, as well as some satellite phones. Partitions backup detects all your device partitions, including Bootloader, Kernel (Boot) and any sensitive partitions like the EFS (IMEI) and Modem partition, and let you easily make a backup of them. Apr 09, 2019 · Now let’s also see another method on how to backup and restore EFS data. bak or folder EFS BEFORE DO ANYTHING [ IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUS BACKUP OF NV_DATA. nv_data. 3+, this help you to keep your IMEI safe  Скачать инструмент EFS Backup/Restore для Galaxy S3 на свой компьютер. . Guide to backup EFS partition folder and IMEI number on Samsung Galaxy with Android OS. They left IMEI 1 zero, and 2 with an icon, working with 2, now pass this file and give '' could not get the icon '', but recognizes a baseband. GT-I9505 IMEI Restore without EFS Backup Hi, i want to restore the EFS Partition on my German S4 GT-I9505, because a Friend have gave this Phone to me with the hint there is an Software problem. The file is saved in. How to extract the IMEI number from my computer from the backup of EFS Partition files? Find Backup & Reset and tap on it. Allow it to finish and then reboot back into Android. Jul 11, 2018 · To Backup or Restore EFS Folder on Galaxy you have to use a computer (7, vista, XP), a USB cable and your Galaxy device. bin and nv_data. img in your sd folder which you could restore in a click if your efs is corrupt. Jul 14, 2019 · So this is how you can backup and restore the QCN/EFS on Qualcomm devices. Android. May 04, 2015 · Here’s How To Backup/Restore EFS/IMEI on Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge! Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are now accessible for users all across the globe. Backup EFS (IMEI) and Modem Partitions of Android Mobile Devices Note for GT-S7262 users : EFS, Modem and Modem-2 partitions of Samsung Galaxy Star Pro/Plus GT-S7262 mobile are interlinked for unknown reasons while using Stock ROMs. img" from the list of options. 27 Nov 2014 This application let you save a backup of your EFS partition on any Samsung device running Android 2. nv_data" file. In the latest QPST version (including this one) IMEI backup is saved in . So,I have make efs backup using this application. EFS backup contains the backup of all the cellular data on the smartphone which includes the IMEI information of the SIM cards along with the operator data. How to Run EFS☆IMEI☆Backup Apps for PC,Laptop,Windows 7/8/10/XP. How To Fix Android With IMEI /firmware Baseband Issue by scarr: 3:19pm On Jan 19, 2015 upgraded a samsung s3 through the OTA update, ever since the mobile network has gone south, phone does have an imei anymore with no baseband, which has made it reject all sim cards Apr 09, 2019 · This tutorial shows how to Repair IMEI on Snapdragon powered devices – Xiaomi, OnePlus, and ZTE etc. Tap on Save EFS, IMEI backup button. bin), Wireless devices MAC addresses and Aug 26, 2016 · So, it’s a better precaution to make a backup of EFS and IMEI partitions. 2017 Android News 2017 , Без рубрики Most of our readers are well aware of the fact that the Android system is very easy to customize to fit your needs and requests by special and numerous root Apr 11, 2019 · The EFS refers to a folder called EFS which can store information like meid, imei, serial number, config, diag settings and radio settings, etc in an encrypted format at the file system level stores. For a non-data-erasing procedure without rooting your Android device, you will need an Android IMEI changer. bin & . EFS☆IMEI☆Backup is a free Productivity app. I want to find out the IMEI number from the backup. BAT file. Jul 23, 2018 · We provide IMEI(EFS) Tool N8 S8 [Root] 1. Here we will share the steps to backup via QPST (Qualcomm Product Support Tools) software. To backup the EFS partition of your Note 3, type “1“. It is small utility to backup/Restore EFS for Smamsung galaxy NOTE 8,S8 and S8+ Features : This tool simply Backup/Restore efs. I want to find out the IMEI number from – Now enter IMEI and click Repair button and select QCN if asked – Please note, this method will repair only 1 IMEI at the moment. So it is very necessary for us to backup EFS before flashing Android ROMs. md5. md5 (you can also copy their respective backup files nv_data. Partitions restoration is also supported, but recommended only for small partitions (Boot, Recovery, EFS, Modems) Features: Root requiredPartitions backup detects all your device partitions, including Bootloader, Kernel (Boot) and any sensitive partitions like the EFS (IMEI) and Modem partition, and let you easily make Nov 29, 2014 · Backup and Restore Lost IMEI on Samsung Galaxy Devices without Root IMEI of the device is lost or damaged during the firmware update or install (Odin used ) means root access to the device is turned off or gone. Reply Delete. Home octopus report SM-G903F IMEI Writed By EFS and Security. Marca "Save Backup To Device Storage (/sdcard)" y "Save Backup To PC Storage" (la guardará en el móvil y en el PC, en la carpeta donde estes ejecutando EFSPro. Search for the app by name to get it installed, or if you're having trouble finding it, you can use this link instead. Mar 27, 2020 · Backup IMEI NVRAM Data. Wanam's EFS backup app is called EFS IMEI Backup, and it's available for free on the Google Play Store. මේ ටූල් එකේ නම EFS Professional මේක ගොඩක් Galaxy Android devices වලට සපෝට් කරනව. With this tool you can read all samsung qcn,efs,sec 1 click write qcn,sec,efs 1 click backup rom file world first,read partition information over usb,direct repair mipi,repair baseband,repair phone code like *#0808# not work,read msl and many more, aLL LATEST 2019 MODEL SUPPORTED CHECK VIDEO TO WATCH MORE WITH INSTRUCTION Aug 31, 2013 · There is a probability that you could corrupt your efs parition ( i just did recently ) and inorder to restore/fix your imei this tool is helpful. Apr 18, 2016 · How To Backup and Restore IMEI Number Of Android. Sep 09, 2018 · There you could select the storage location of this backup and backup formats. Aug 27, 2019 · Download EFS☆IMEI☆Backup Apk For PC,Laptop,Windows 7,8,10. When this folder goes corrupt, you cannot do anything that it related to the SIM card. as the IMEI number of the device is being located on the same. Dec 22, 2012 · [Tutorial] Fazer backup do IMEI (Em inglês) - colocado a Galaxy S III (i9305) 4G: WARNING! DO NOT FLASH YOUR DEVICE UNTIL YOU HAVE BACKED UP YOUR IMEI / NV DATA IN THIS GUIDE! After some research I discovered that backing up the '/efs' folder using existing tools such as my EFS Pro application will not work with this particular device. You should have the backup of your EFS partition to restore it. How do I get my IMEI back? I did a full nandroid backup of my system, EFS included, and when I restored from backup, I now have s 0049 IMEI. bin). EFS Manager. Backup and Restore EFS Data in Xiaomi Mi4i. Reply. Open the app. img 4-> Now choose the backup location and select EFS format. AWS EFS-to-EFS Backup Solution Description. How to Backup / Restore EFS from any Android Samsung Device. There are three options you can choose from: Save as compressed backup (tar. BIN THEN PROCEED TO 14 ] 07 = at command prompt [ C:\adbtools\ ], type adb shell May 16, 2014 · 04 = open root explorer, open efs folder 05 = if you can find ". GSM-Forum need g925f efs backup - GSM-Forum EFS partition contains a lot of important data about your phone, such as WiFi/Bluetooth MAC's, IMEI, others. 4 APK file for Android 5. BIN THEN PROCEED TO 14 ] 21 сен 2013 Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S IV – восстановление EFS и IMEI Узнать, на каком модеме сделан Backup: Восстановление EFS и IMEI  12 окт 2017 как сделать бэкап efs/imei / How to backup efs/imei. Published by admin1 at July 6, 2017 5) go to your backed up EFS folder on your sdcard, copy the "imei" folder to the EFS folder at the root of your phone, then again go to the backed up EFS folder at yout sdcard and copy the " . The solution is very simple Sep 27, 2015 · I have read that u should make EFS backup. because it will no longer be recognized by your carrier. adb shell # open a shell su # become root cd /sdcard/backup/efs # change directory to the backup cp -r * /efs # copy the backup to /efs This should restore your IMEI back to the factory value. Today, I am here to show you how to backup and restore EFS and IMEI partitions on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge devices. I can open the EFS partition file through winzip software in my computer and see various files (like nv_data. Important information. 0+ para cima. Apr 23, 2014 · Step 4: Tap on the “Backup EFS” and you will be asked to “Choose backup storage”, depending on the your choice select internal or external SDcard. Honeycomb Jul 16, 2015. Marca "Verify Partition Image MD5 Hash" 7. Click Backup EFS y espera a que diga "Operation Finished!". Nov 03, 2016 · The backup will be present in your phone’s internal storage in folder “Partitions Backup”, That’s it. EFS☆IMEI☆Backup is a free How To Backup efs Folder on Samsung Galaxy S and Restore nv_data. However i took TWRP backup of EFS Partition. tar. BACKUP: REQUIREMENTS: 1]ROOTED PHONE 2]TERMINAL EMULATOR APP(PLAY STORE LINK) 3]YOUR PHONE PROCEDURE: 1] first of all root access is needed so root your phone 2] download and install terminal emulator app 3]open the terminal emulator app and write following code: su (you will get a prompt to give root access to app-click allow then type Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A Prime UGG_EFS_Qcn_Backup. In this video I will show how to write "Cert" Certificate file through for repair imei with z3x box. EFS Professional will now show the system partition where the EFS data of your device is located. Sep 21, 2019 · Steps to repair IMEI baseband on any Xiaomi Mi/Redmi using QCN Now, in order to back up the QCN file, you have to use QPST tool for the EFS partition. 3. It ’s fácil de baixar e instalar para o seu celular. IMEI(EFS) Tool N8 S8 [Root] is a free Tools app. GSM-Forum need g925f efs backup - GSM-Forum EFS folder is probably one of the most important folder for every smartphone. 0 should be installed in your computer or else the EFS Pro will not work. AWS Backup is a simple and cost-effective way to back up your Amazon EFS file systems. Use it to boot into the Recovery mode. Downloadand install Wanam’s Partitions Backup application; Openthe app. Данная программа необходима всем кто хоть раз шил свой смартфон или  20 июн 2017 На данном устройстве IMEI хранится не на разделе EFS, а CSPSA (Crash Safe Parameter Storage Area, дословно переводится как  ☆Root required☆ Partitions backup detects all your device partitions, including Bootloader, Kernel (Boot) and any sensitive partitions like the EFS (IMEI) and  3 Sep 2019 Requirements : Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note10 Exynos (SM-N975F/FD/N) & ( SM-N970F/FD/N) WITHOUT ROOT ACCESS THIS APP WON'T  30 Apr 2016 EFS☆IMEI☆Backup - ☆Root required Samsung devices only☆ This application let you save a backup of your EFS (IMEI) partition (if  20 Apr 2015 before start the backup and after completed change it back to your IMEI. i tried to flash back a stock rom but still says d same can anyone help me out please to get my phone working Step 1: Install EFS IMEI Backup. So for all those who have recently complained about losing their IMEI numbers can make use of this tutorial to backup or restore the IMEI / EFS files in their android smart phones. Under the Recovery mode, Choose the “Install” option, then browse your phone’s storage, and find the downloaded EFS backup tool file (LG_G2_Backup_EFS_Final. Tags: (Tutorial) backup y restore de la carpeta EFS - IMEI corrupt Category Oct 31, 2017 · One can end up losing EFS and IMEI Partitions, which can’t be restored/retrieve unless they are backed up before. Restoring to stock with Odin got my Wi-Fi back, but I still have the wrong On the other hand, there have been instances where custom ROM flashing has lost an IMEI. It is now a valuable resource for people who want to make the most of their mobile devices, from customizing the look and feel to adding new functionality. gz format. exe. Jan 14, 2020 · Method 1. Restoring IMEI, Wi-Fi MAC, and bluetooth address on qualcomm based devices isn't that hard, especially if the device is bootloader unlocked, even without having backup of your FSG and EFS partitions (corrupted backups only make it harder). Many thanks. Part 3: Top 3 Android IMEI Change Apps. Click on Create new (random) Android ID. Untuk membackup IMEI / Partisi EFS baik dengan PC atau tanpa PC, kamu butuh akses root pada devices kamu agar bisa mengakses file “modemst1“, “modemst2” dan “fsg” menggunakan X-Plorer File Manager. img formats) How to Backup EFS Partition on LG G2. Dec 22, 2014 · About EFS Tools: EFS folder is very sensitive system folder. Keeping this thing in mind most of our ROM developers insert a script that automatically creates a backup of the EFS data on the external SD Card so that you might restore it back in case of loss or corruption. It works on any variant possible, on every carrier, so it doesn’t matter if you own G935F, G935FD, G935X, G935K, G935L, G935S, as well as G935W8. I still have my original IMEI of my phone written down. nv_data" file in ORIGINAL SHIPPED EFS folder too, so you just have to do these: 1) make a copy of your EFS folder to your sdcard using root explorer and then make a backup of the folder to your computer [ to have another copy if you had to format sd card sometime ] 2) delete the EFS folder For those who enjoy flashing custom ROMs and experimenting with kernels, here’s a useful tutorial on how you can backup EFS (IMEI and NVRAM) on Redmi 4X smartphone. I would highly recommend to make a few backup of this file, so that it is preserved if in case you need it in emergency. If in Future you want to restore the backup then type “2”. Re-Scan option to refresh Backup list for restoring Backups. 6. img) 5. I haven't seen backup methods yet. com but couldn't find anything that worked for me. bin. Microsoft . Method 2: How to backup EFS data using kTool app: Download and install the kTool app on your device. Custom Matrix. img” to restore the EFS Folder. Use any file explorer on your device and move the Folder to some safe place or on your desktop. - while doing the restore BE will restore the data in the same encrypted formate and it is the job MS EFS to read those data by decrypting them again. 2-is when the work of installing will VMware official new or install any file through the Odin and pressure check on the Clear EFS existing on the left of the program here the software will delete a file, the EFS permanently from the device and that’s why we warn every one of the marked “true” to select Clear EFS programme The Odin Aug 16, 2019 · This application let you save a backup of your EFS (IMEI) partition (if exists) on any device running Android 3+, this help you to keep your IMEI safe from getting corrupted after any bad Rom flashing issues, this is a common issue with Samsung devices, if somehow you lost your IMEI, you won't be able to get registered and connected to any Download EFS☆IMEI☆Backup App For PC,Laptop,Windows 7,8,10,Xp. Full Firmware. 0 and later. Tools and Methods to Backup and Restore EFS EFS Professional: මේ tool එක develop කරල තියෙන්නෙ xda member කෙනෙක්. The method is very manageable and operates on a deliberate app that will help you to backup and restore your IMEI file in your android. During the process THE SIM CARD MUST BE OFF THE PHONE 1 - Open  But that seems to be biggest mistake because i dont have any efs backup. REPAIR IMEI BLACKBERRY 9860 July 7, 2017. There you have it the easiest method to recover the EFS folder and IMEI. I have searched Google and www. Run Android Emulator on PC,Laptop or MAC. . Now the backup folder is saved on your device internal card. It detects the EFS backups which is saved on device and PC for hassle free restoring automatically. Before you flash a custom ROM, make sure you backup your EFS using this tool. Then extract the EFS Professional folder on your desktop and Run the EFS Professional. Partitions restoration is also supported, but recommended only for small partitions (Boot, Recovery, EFS, Modems) Features: EFS folder is probably one of the most important folder for every smartphone. Most Samsung devices have a file in the '/efs' folder Samsung i9300 Imei Null/Unknown Baseband Repair Done Odin Vs Z3x. Step 3. To restore the EFS folder on your phone, follow the Step 2 again and hit the Restore option. img” option to back up the EFS folder. Let go of the Power key when you see the logo, but do not let go of the Volume Down key. Mi4i is the latest android smartphone form the Chinese company Xiaomi and already released in India. hey me to i had the same problem with my i9100 after install a custom rom , i also did not backup my efs file and now am left with baseband being unknown and imei null/null. Jul 09, 2013 · The EFS folder contains the file you will will need to edit and replace. More information regarding tool can be found in the application Upon restoring my complete nandroid backup, everything works, except for no valid IMEI, and I can't place any calls except to 911. Currently on C How to save or restore data EFS and IMEI (BACKUP / RESTORE EFS) on the Samsung devices with Android operating system By admin 02. How to Restore EFS/IMEI partition on Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge. Aug 26, 2016 · How to Backup and Restore EFS and IMEI Partitions on your Galaxy S7: Download the Partitions Backup and Restore app by using this direct link; Open the app on your smartphone; Then, grant SuperSu rights; From the partitions list, select the EFS and Radio partitions; Click on the download button to backup the EFS partitions on your device; Backup EFS/IMEI partition on Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge. You can backup the EFS folder by running the EFS Pro app and by Oct 15, 2016 · The major cause behind all these issues after restoring a TWRP backup is the EFS partition. bin etc). You will then get a notification. Hold the Volume Down + Power keys together until you can see the OnePlus logo on the device’s display. If the EFS folder get corrupted or lost you can easily restore it from the backup folder. It is essential to backup IMEI on Android, to protect the device from misuse and prevent IMEI loss during flashing or updating ROM (firmware) on Android (Mediatek) devices. Oct 09, 2012 · IMEI Problems, Backup, Restore, No service etc What is IMEI? source:wikipedia The International Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI ( / aɪ ˈ m iː /) is a number, usually unique, to identify 3GPP (i. Open it from app drawer. The application can also be used to restore the EFS partition when EFS data gets corrupted and you are left unable to use your phone on any mobile network. Select "Backup EFS to /sdcard/efs. xqcn format. Sometime a flashing customs ROMs can corrupt contains within EFS folder and it is an Cómo recuperar el IMEI: Restaura la carpeta EFS ( recuperar con Backup) Restaurar la carpeta EFS desde una copia de seguridad obtenida con este método, es tan sencillo como volver a copiar la carpeta EFS original a la raíz de la partición del sistema, eliminando el contenido de la carpeta que se ha creado tras el cambio de ROM. It completely supports internal and external storage for saving EFS backups. Here's a link to a thread which explains this and how to back up the EFS file, including a download of LG_G3_Flash2BackupEFS. Make sure that you have already backed up the EFS partition in . The EFS-to-EFS backup solution leverages Amazon CloudWatch and AWS Lambda to automatically create incremental backups of an Amazon Elastic File System (EFS) file system on a customer- defined schedule. FULL FLASH Download EFS☆IMEI☆Backup for PC/Laptop/Windows 7,8,10. In those cases it is prudent to back up the EFS file which contains the IMEI and several other crucial pieces of information. That’s how you can easily backup different partitions on any Android smartphone. This is another handy tool to backup EFS / IMEI. Open Android Emulator for PC import the EFS☆IMEI☆Backup Apk file from your PC Into Android Emulator to install it. So it is very neccessary for us to backup EFS before flashing ROMs. On the next menu, find Factory Data Reset and tap on it. To restore your IMEI backup select “Restore” tab and select your saved . Now if you have corrupted the EFS partition during flashing accidentally, you can back it up using the same app. Search for the app by name to get it  9 May 2014 In this case on your Galaxy S5, the IMEI number is no longer stored on EFS partition, so making a backup of efs. 1 APK arquivo para Android 5. gz), save as tar archive and save as stock After this, you need to open the application and select “Backup EFS to /sdcard/efs. AWS Backup is a unified backup service designed to simplify the creation, migration, restoration, and deletion of backups, while providing improved reporting and auditing. Dec 14, 2017 · 1. The application is very helpful, and easy to use. Check the “Select All” box. 27 April 2020 (42) EFS FILES thank you can you help me with efs file sm-j727t1 ineed that file pleese. This will start the EFS backup process. Restore EFS Folder Some ROMs automatically make a backup but here’s the most secure and easy way. I forgot to note down the IMEI number. It is interesting to know that the IMEI is stored in ". Android is the deadliest platform if you are the one for all those who use custom ROMs and root their smartphones. Mi4i Toolkit is a Windows application, so it requires a Windows PC to execute. Mar 17, 2018 · Hi, In the route sheet to unbrick the Zuk Zu2 Pro, I want to know where is the located the IMEI EFS folder, in order to backup it with Root Browser. Jul 16, 2019 · Download Samsung CERT EFS File Collection 2019 Free Download Samsung CERT EFS File Collection FRP Tool,1,Giveaway,21,GRT Dongle,1,IMEI Backup File,2,Inferno Jul 06, 2017 · CARA BACKUP EFS IMEI ANDROID; ARTI “FACTORY MODE” PADA HP CHINA July 6, 2017. It's used to protect our data. Open Android Emulator for PC import the EFS☆IMEI☆Backup Apps file from your PC Into Android Emulator to install it. Install it, and run it. Then you have to go with Zuul's answer. Nov 29, 2013 · How to Backup and Restore EFS Data on any Samsung Android Phone or Tablet Using the EFS Professional. Im on Stock MG2 / Rooted with CWM Recovery. The restore process is very simple. Loading Unsubscribe from Custom Matrix? Cancel Unsubscribe. road full backup Samsung g920i… Combination samsung g935f flash file in repair download free combination g935f flash file repair imei repair efs fix drk reset bypass stock… Dec 10, 2015 · It supports Backup and Restore of Partition Image (*. xqcn file. Oct 24, 2013 · From the EFS backup folder run the “EFS-BACKUP. red5pade, Jul 16, 2015: i need help. Make sure you own a SAMSUNG device and your device has been ROOTED before purchase Mar 30, 2020 · In this article, we’ll backup EFS partition of your Android device with the help of an Android App namely “EFS IMEI Backup” developed by Wanam. For changing IMEI you can also use android app Chamelephon - Android Apps on Google Play if you don’t want use any Sep 02, 2014 · How to Backup and Restore EFS Data (IMEI) on Samsung To backup the EFS partition of your Note 3, type 1 If you need to restore your backed up EFS, type 2. Everything is  How to backup and restore Samsung phone and tablets devices contain EFS '/efs ' folder for backup IMEI, NV Data etc useful information. Jul 16, 2015 · no imei and no efs backup Jul 16, 2015. The EFS partition sometimes fails to restore correctly and hence corrupts all other partitions as well. It is an extremely well developed and powerful app that helps you backup EFS partition with just a few clicks. 1 APK file for PC (Windows 7,8,10). Using this step by step(  7 апр 2015 Titanium Backup: бэкап и восстановление на другом устройстве советую заранее сделать бэкап раздела EFS, содержащего IMEI: с  2 июл 2016 Откат был сделан зря, после обновления нужно было в первую очередь попробовать Repair EFS > Backup CERT > Write EFS > Restore  Как потом поступить с "чужим" IMEI - вопрос другой. BIN THEN PROCEED TO 14 ] Head over to the Samsung EFS IMEI Partition Backup forum thread to download the application and make a copy of your important data. 2017 02. in an encrypted format using the QPST Utility. It is also important to take the EFS backup same as the Nandroid backup to ensure that you do not lose cellular connectivity in case anything goes wrong while tinkering with your device Aug 02, 2016 · Hi Does anyone have an efs backup i could get to restore my nvram? The partitions i need are: mmcblk0p12 mmcblk0p13 mmcblk0p16 I seriously need to get this phone working again, kind of having a crisis here :( Oct 16, 2012 · 06 = now, you still need to backup nv_data. IMEI Number is the unique identification number required to register the device with the service provider to activate SMS, Calls, Data and other services. open octopus box and there repair efs or fix efs for this . Убедитесь, что вы подзарядили батарею Galaxy S3 до 70%, иначе можно  9 июн 2014 Как сохранить или восстановить данные EFS и IMEI (BACKUP / RESTORE EFS) на устройствах Samsung с операционной системой  Efs Backup / Restore для сохранения и восстановления IMEI. The result is pretty prominent in the form of the all-metal and the beautiful S6 & S6 Edge. It is very easy to backup and restore EFS data (IMEI) in Xiaomi Mi4i. Jan 08, 2014 · I forgot to note down the IMEI number. How to backup and restore Samsung phone and tablets devices contain EFS ‘/efs’ folder for backup IMEI, NV Data etc useful information. #Huawei firmware, #ios Firmware, #Phone Firmware, #Phone Repair imei, #General mobile imei, #unbrick phone, 04 = open root explorer, open efs folder 05 = if you can find ". Backing up data usually involves making sure those contacts, calendar entries, memos, messages and special media that you may have kept within the Mar 28, 2014 · Using the phone app, type in *#06# to verify your IMEI number. It is extremely imp. Using this step by step tutorial you can do this work. * I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD Cards, thermonuclear war, or you getting fired because the alarm app failed. Again, remember your phone has to be rooted. If you have accidentally corrupted your EFS partition, you can simply restore it using the same application. The backup would be stored as efs. The EFS mention to a destination folder called EFS which can store information like meid, IMEI, serial number, config, diag settings, and radio settings, etc in an encrypted format at the file system level stores. Added Wipe EFS in Sideload Mode (Xiaomi) – Exclusive – No need to wait for Firehose Loader or Bootloader Unlock – Just put device in Sideload Mode and Reset EFS – Beware, this method can not make EFS Backup Samsung J320F root,read cert, efs,imei repair done z3x box Saved to C:\Program Files\Z3X\Samsung\SamsungToolPRO\backup\EFS\EFS_SM-J320F_J320FXXU0APB8__R58H40WYREB Jun 07, 2017 · Now here we are sharing a new Mi4i Toolkit, which allows you to root your phone, install TWRP recovery, take IMEI backup and restore EFS. (Use this option only if your backed up EFS has . Sep 15, 2013 · There is no /efs folder on Xiaomi devices like for example Samsung devices. bak and nv_data. How to backup and restore EFS and IMEI on Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Jun 20, 2019 · The EFS refers to a folder called EFS which can store information like meid, imei, serial number, config, diag settings and radio settings, etc in an encrypted format at the file system level stores. Samsung has learned a lot from its past mistakes. tar) formats. This thing can turn your device complety useless if it is handled properly. I need to make an EFS backup, never have before and flashed tonnes of roms, lol. To backup efs partition if you are into flashing custom Roms. In this tutorial, we show, how we can easily backup and restore EFS and IMEI Partitions on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 using a dedicated application: Partitions Backup & Restore. This is a most common question for most of the Samsung android devices owners while they are preparing to install a custom ROM and beta firmware. Sep 09, 2016 · If you have changed your IMEI using mtkdroid tools then most probably you have used SN Write Tool ( How to use SN Write Tool ) too. use Samsung SM-A510F EFS File with Odin or supported Tool On the Tools page you will see a option called “IMEI(efs) Backup/Restore”, click on it ans take the backup of your EFS folder. To restore the EFS, you need to select the option of “Restore EFS from /sdcard/efs. At the top of the app, you will see a small tools setting button, click it. Aug 02, 2014 · ஜ۩۞۩ஜ LEIA A DESCRIÇÃO DO VÍDEO ஜ۩۞۩ஜ Como fazer backup do seu imei, não espera faça logo Requirements : Rooted Samsung Galaxy Note8/S8/S8+ WITHOUT ROOT ACCESS THIS APP WON'T WORK. bat” file, then you’ll see a popup window like this: Step 6. Next, connect your Apr 29, 2014 · Los datos de la carpeta EFS contienen información vital y única de la terminal. Grant it SuperSu rights. It's highly recommended to backup EFS partition if you own a Samsung galaxy S5. Make sure to keep these files secure as these contain confidential data such as IMEI numbers which can easily be used for bad purposes. May 05, 2015 · The purpose of the tool is to backup the EFS folder which contains crucial information about the phone’s IMEI number. red5pade. So there you go, you have now successfully learnt on how to backup as well restore the EFS data. ( . FULL FLASH SAMSUNG SM-B310E - AR -FR- TESTED BY ME AND FREE. If you do not see it listed, click on “Refresh” button and then select it. Download and install IMEI & NFS Backup App. Then connect the Samsung Galaxy S6 to the computer. I just wanna know is that fine ? Or I need to do that in some other way ? Thank you The EFS refers to a folder called EFS which can store information like meid, imei, serial number, config, diag settings and radio settings, etc in an encrypted format at the file system level stores. Now , I wanna know if anytime I need to restore my efs backup. It contains various phone specific information such as wireless devices MAC addresses, product code, and much more. Replies. Sep 25, 2012 · Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 Gets One-Click Tool to Backup and Restore EFS or IMEI [How To Install] Easy restore IMEI data or network connectivity that's lost while flashing custom ROMs on your Galaxy S3 How To Restore Urz IMEI & Fix Corrupted EFS By Gsmfirmwares Team NOTE: (* Your warranty is now void. Getting to know your EFS folder on Samsung Devices Common Files We Back up I am sure you have heard of critical things you need to do when you mess with an Android device right? One of the things that always come up is to back up your devices. First of all, Download the EFS Professional v2. Long-press the Power button and completely power down your OnePlus 2 handset. Open up the app and then run the EFS-BACK. Download the →Quick boot app from here your device. A full backup . A system image backup takes up more space than a regular system backup, but the system image backup is a bit-perfect backup that, when restored, will not break dm-verity (assuming that you don't break dm-verity before making the backup). If you don't have a backup of /efs. Oct 04, 2013 · EFS Data Backup. Oct 12, 2015 · HOW TO BACKUP EFS PARTITION ON ONEPLUS 2. Backup Options > Data Backup Method: Create Partition IMage (*. Assuming there’s nothing seriously wrong with the phone, then following the steps from above should fix the Samsung Galaxy S6 IMEI number issue. imei efs backup

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